Our church comes together and involves itself in a number of different expressions over the course of a month. One of the ways we do this is by becoming part of a Gospel Community. These small communities are essentially life groups where people connect their Christian faith with the daily rhythms of life and encourage each other to live consistently with the gospel of Jesus Christ in every area of existence.

Some of the studies we have done can be seen below. These studies have been of immense help to aid in the spiritual growth of each believer. Our format consist of some time spent to catch up with each other, time in God’s Word, time in prayer and time in general socializing.

If you are not yet part of a Gospel Community Group and would like to join one, please feel free to contact the church office for more details about the groups.

Point Community is a daughter church of Holy Trinity Church in Gardens. We are therefore working closely together with Holy Trinity and one of the ways in which we do so is in having joint Bible study group meetings throughout the city and in the surrounding suburbs.

Below is a list of our current groups:

Tuesday – City 19:30 Chris Horn 083 477 2189 chris@holytrinity.org.za
Wednesday – City 10:00 Chris Horn 083 477 2189 chris@holytrinity.org.za
Wednesday – City 19:00 Alan Noble 082 393 1853 alan@holytrinity.org.za
Wednesday – Rondebosch 19:30 Chris Warton 021 4622 532 info@holytrinity.org.za
Wednesday – Sea Point 19:30 Chris Horn 084 477 2189 chris@holytrinity.org.za
Thursday – Pinelands 19:45 Ross Mcgill 021 462 2532 info@holytrinity.org.za
Thursday – Sea Point 19:30 Alan Noble 082 393 1853 alan@holytrinity.org.za
Sunday – Parents 12:30 Various 021 462 2532 info@holytrinity.org.za